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HI to everyone,
I am searching for camouflage fabric (green tones) cutesy for my grandddaughter for school. She is 4 and likes to have homemade items to be totally unique. Any suggestions?

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Thanks! I did see the fleece with frogs that is precious, but right now it is 92 degrees, she would be very warm. I am going out of town where there is a Joann's, so I'll be there to check them out.
Try, I just ordered some camo for half price last week for my three boys for paintball. They have froggy and Scooby camo too!
Thanks! I'll check it out!
I made camo head bands with matching purses for some pre teen girls and they screamed over them..very simple .I picked what I liked..they said mossy oak was
I couldn't find camo fabric when I was working on a project for my son's room, so I purchased two flat sheets from the Company Store in a camo print. They were 100% cotton and washed up really nice with no pilling. Perhaps you could find a camo sheet that would work for your project?
Camo should be in stock anywhere now since it's hunting season. Sheets are an excellent choice if you can't find fabric otherwise. Us old military wives always used them if we had to make new curtains for housing when our old ones didn't fit the windows in the new place. .Even a cotton tablecloth would work for an outfit for a 4 yr.old, and I have seen camo tablecloths in places like Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops and other chain 'outfitters'. I'd check hunting gear shops if you can't find any in the fabric stores; maybe even stores that handle western/ riding gear. Almost all those places carry some of the 'accessory' things in camo patterns since it has gotten popular. There are some really pretty camo patterns out there now.
JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby(closed on Sunday) both have camo prints. They have the greens, kahki, and for the girls green with pink! My daughter has a camo skirt that she loves and when I saw the post about purses I got really excited and so would she! I have never seen a 4 year old with so many purses!! I don't even think I have seen an adult with that many purses! LOL!!


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