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Betz White's got bunnies! Super lux cashmere bunnies...mmm!  Betz uses cashmere scarves to make these bunnies and they are the perfect for the job.  


what you need:




Check out Betz's tutorial!



Happy Easter Hippity Hoppity Bunny Blue

This fabric features bunnies throughout the design. Colors include pink, lime, white, brown, yellow and turquoise on a pale blue background.  


100% cotton



Happy Easter Mod Flowers Ivory


This fabric features mod flowers with "Happy Easter" throughout the design. Colors include hot pink, lime, yellow and orange on an ivory/white background.







Designed by MAKOWERUK-The Henley Studio. Colors include yellow, coral, rose, pink, green, blue and ivory on a cream background.

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This is sooo cute! I will be making these for Easter baskets. I love this Thanks
I so do agree, these would be the best for an home made basket, and it would be made in america as to buying one from a store. which are all made out of the country.........

As soon as I saw these adorable cashmere bunnies posted I went right upstairs to my sewing room and made one...which multiplied to three adorable bunnies.  Thank you SO MUCH for this easy to follow and fun to sew bunny pattern.  I've blogged about it and have added your link in my post




Thanks so much


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