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Most of us have a large dinner of some sorts when the Easter holidays arrive. With these pretty placemats and matching napkins, everyone will feel just a little more special seated at your table.

The finished placemat is 17" x 12" 
The finished napkin is 16" square


  • Easter fabrics, co-ordinating print and plain. 
  • Maybe something to go with those special dishes you plan to use. 
  • matching thread and batting or flannel


  • For one placemat, cut print and plain fabric 18" x 13" 
  • Cut batting or flannel 18" x 13" 
  • Measure across each corner and draw a line at 3" interval
  • Stack batting on bottom, print fabric right side up, plain fabric face down. 
  • Stitch, using straight stitch around outer edges, sewing across corners where marked. 
  • Leave an opening 4" wide to turn right side out.
  • Carefully, trim corners with scissors. 
  • Turn right side out and hand stitch opening closed. 
  • Top stitch around entire top 1/2" from edge.


  • Cut one piece of each fabric 17" square. 
  • Put right sides together and stitch around outer edge.
  • Leave 4" opening to turn right side out.
  • Trim corners and sides to lessen bulk. 
  • Carefully turn right side out, pushing out corners gently. 
  • Turn right side out and stitch opening closed. 
  • You can use decorative threads or contrasting colours to topstitch napkin.

This project developed by Mary Wilkins. She is the mother of 3 grown children and 6 perfect grandchildren. 

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This is such an easy and pretty pattern. I am trying to cleanup up some of my stash and have the perfect
print to use up on this idea. Thank you......Nancy


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