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These festive felt bird decorations are fun and easy to make, and will make the perfect gift. For the FREE template and instructions, just click here

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These are really cute. I'll have to get some red felt and try this. I need something new on my upside down Christmas tree!
Thank You!
very sweet - my mother used to say it was good luck to have a bird ornament on your tree - don't know why though. Does anyone know?
Hey Jill -

The reason for birds on your Christmas tree is two-fold. One is because birds are considered to be biblical messengers bringing God's peace and love to the world. The other reason comes from Germany. People believed if you found a bird's nest in your Christmas tree, you would have good luck that would last throughout the new year. Did you know that birds are the second-most popular figural ornament we put on our Christmas trees? Santa ornaments are the first.
Looks like a great project to do for some inexpensive gifts! :)


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