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King's Crown Designed and created by Tinneke Pot, The Netherlands

This beautiful king’s crown will delight kids of any age!

What you need:

3/8 yd (40 cm) of red plush fabric
1/4 yd (20 cm) of white fleece fabric
1/4 yd (20 cm) of gold fabric
Scraps of black felt fabric for dots
1/4 yd of batting
1/4 yd (20 cm) of stiff fusible interfacing
Sewing thread to match the fabrics
1 large bead
6 heart shaped beads
Glue for the hearts if needed
Needle for hand sewing

Print PDF with the instructions

Source: Husqvarna Viking

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This pattern might come in handy this year. I have 3 grand kings 2 of them are small enough to really enjoy this costume. Thanks!
This is perfect - my granddaughters all have crowns to wear with their princess dresses I made but my grandson didn't have a crown! He is going to absolutely love this. When they are all here they spend alot of time playing dressup & make believe. Thanks so much!
Please, if either of you make this, post a photo or two!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing this, it is hard to find much to make for boys.
Mary C.


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