I have a question abt sewing Ltwt. leather or faux leather.


I have a job coming up, sewing up a few leather items; right now I'm starting a proto

type. But eventually they will be  made out of a Ltwt leather or faux leather.  I need to make sure,

I have everything I need, from size of needle to the right wt of thread.  They will be sewn on my

industrial sewing machine.


Someone told me that you can use a reg. needle in an industrial machine?  To me that just doesn't

sound right?  The needle that is in the machine now, seems to be a heavy needle with a very sharp

point.  It's not a regular sewing machine needle. 

I know with leather, you don't want a very large pointed needle, and you have to be careful not to

leave needle marks in the fabric.


Would someone help me out abt what size needle I need, and the weight of thread I would need to

do this job?

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I have a singer 20 U industrial sewing machine.  I use an industrial  size 14 needle.  That is the smallest needle that I have for this machine on hand.  It works great.  I use a teflon foot,  and I release as much pressure off the foot as possible.  I use poly thread or coats and clark new  or upholstery thread if I have it to match.  I read not to use cotton thread so I don't.  I have made several bags this way and I have not had any problems.  If you have questions I will try to help.  Judy Baxter


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