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Small Awnings are fabricated with a simple sleeve for the front bar (without a tie bar) and a similar small sleeve for the head rod. Tension is imparted to the face of the cover in this case by adjusting the pipe in the eye ends on the struts. Of course, simple loose frame awnings do not require any tensioning on the face since gravity does this work. Watch the video to see how one is made and then order the supplies from Sailrite.


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Impeccable timing on this one!! My hubby and I were recently discussing awnings for our large patio area and now I can SEE how to do them!  Yeah!! Thank you!!!!!!!!   :-)

great instuctional video. I am hoping to buy a house soon and this will come in handy.


I love Sailrite and have ordered their light weight Sunbrella canvas--they have the best selection and great service, not to mention many neat video tutorials.

This tutorial has me thinking--would PVC pipe work in this same function (rather than pipe?)

I don't know - is the weight of the pipe integral?  (Just thinking out loud here).


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