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Awnings - Practical, Economical, Attractive and Eco-Friendly

By Nic Ross

There's no doubt about it, awnings have a lot going for them. While making your home look more attractive and protecting it from the heat, they are potentially saving you hundreds of dollars and the environment at the same time. Allow me to explain.

When awnings were first used before the days of air conditioning, they were generally a piece of iron slanted over a window to protect against the heat and rain so that the window could be left open to allow the air to circulate and cool the room.

They haven't changed so much in their basic, practical function, that is to reflect heat, but they have come a long way in the looks department and with technological advances in the materials used, have become more versatile and adaptable so that they can be used in many more places than just the windows of our homes.

Awning manufacturers use a range of materials, from fabric to metal, to produce these canopies for use on the house, patio, rv and caravan. There are also portable, carport and commercial designs that all serve the common purpose of keeping us and the area we are in, cool. They are available in many styles, shapes, sizes, colors and designs and can compliment any home or business to improve curb side appeal.

Retractable styles have become very popular, as they are much more efficient in terms of space and maintenance and the opportunity to store them away in times of bad weather means that they can last many years, meaning real value for money.

As far as being economical and eco-friendly, reviews have shown that awnings can reduce heat by 77%, making the room up to 20 degrees cooler depending on the climate. This, in turn, means that the use of air conditioning is reduced by up to 25% and increases energy savings of 25-34%. Thus, not needing to use our air conditioners so much, or them not having to work so hard to cool the area, means big dollar savings.

As such, not needing to use air cooling appliances as much, or at least making them more energy efficient, means less impact on our environment and doing our bit to reduce the effects of global warming.

So, as you can see, awnings are a very beneficial addition to any home or business or anywhere else where we need protection from the sun, and, the costs of keeping cool.

Are you interested in keeping cool and saving money, while protecting the environment and enjoying the many attractive awning designs available? Simply visit for more in depth, free information about all of the various types of awnings and see which one will be right for you.


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