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Sewing Channel Posts

Help Please too!! 3 Replies

Hi everyone:My machine (Kenmore 19005) is doing the exact same thing as Anthony Vallee, but it only happens when I'm embroidering.  My top thread wraps itself around the bobbin case at least 15 times…Continue

Tags: 19005, thread, bobbin, Kenmore, tensions

Started by Ma'amster. Last reply by Bonnie Mar 7, 2012.

My 1976 Kenmore 4 Replies

I would not give up my Kenmore for anything. I bought it new in August 1976, it's still like new. I've used it faithfully for all my sewing projects. I did have a Brother Quilting machine but no…Continue

Tags: machine, sewing, WHITE, Kenmore, vintage

Started by joyce berry. Last reply by joyce berry Mar 7, 2012.

walking foot for model 1980: 158.19800 or 158.19801 or 158.19802 2 Replies

First, hello everyone!  I have the above model of Kenmore.  It was my mom's; she passed it along to me when she got a lighter portable to take places.  As some of you would know, this model is…Continue

Started by jbsews. Last reply by jbsews Dec 30, 2011.

Kenmore Elite Embroidery Machine 1 Reply

Hello.  I have a Kenmore Elite Embroidery machine.  I have been sewing all my life and am a very experienced sewer but this machine has me very intimidated.  Does anyone have any suggestions on…Continue

Started by Jan. Last reply by mary Dec 30, 2011.

HELP PLEASE !!!!!! 5 Replies

i just got a kenmore model 158.18800 and it run great but the thred keeps getting stuck by the bobbin when it loops around . There are no burs on any thing and i dont know how to ajust it .somebody…Continue

Started by anthony vallee. Last reply by susan romine Jul 16, 2010.

"Kenmore 19005 embroidery machine" 3 Replies

Sent in by mary:"Help the Reader19000 has been back ordered for 2 years now and I need one to embroider on my machine. I know this is like some…Continue

Tags: JEF, Janome, machine, embroidery, 19005

Started by Susan. Last reply by Ramona Kuhn Feb 23, 2010.

Store Brand Question 8 Replies

Many years ago, my mother's neighbor said that she absolutely had to go to a certain store, like Sears, Montgomery Ward, etc., for different appliances. She told me that the store brand appliances…Continue

Tags: parts, brand, manufacturers, machine, Sewing

Started by Gayle Christopher. Last reply by Gayle Christopher Jan 23, 2010.

Manual for Kenmore 10 - 385. 81510?! 1 Reply

I need one!!!! The needle won't go up and down.

Tags: 385, 81510?!, 10, Kenmore, for

Started by Susan. Last reply by L Hutch Sep 27, 2009.

Kenmore 158-14-101 Question

New to group so please bear with me on my first post. I have a Kenmore Model 158-14-101 sewing machine in a cabinet available to me and the price is right, can anyone tell me anything about this…Continue

Started by Deb Aug 7, 2009.

A Kenmore for $2.50! 1 Reply

Check this blog out! Laura bought her daughter a Kenmore for $2.50! It cleaned up beautifully.Continue

Tags: blog, Laura, thrift, kenmore

Started by Susan. Last reply by Phyllis Jun 24, 2009.

Attachments and Feet and Decorative threads 5 Replies

As mentioned in my comment, have collected as many feet and attachment accessories as I could find. Now that I am retired, I hope to experiment with all of them to see their designs in real life,…Continue

Started by susan romine. Last reply by migdalia Jun 20, 2009.

Comment Wall

Comment by Susan on May 28, 2009 at 7:41am
Welcome Kenmore users! :)
Comment by Sheri on May 28, 2009 at 10:57am
Hi, I'm Sheri. I have a Kenmore Embroidery/Sewing machine. I haven't sewn for about 6 years now. I need to get back to it!
Comment by Rachel on May 28, 2009 at 10:59am
Hi! I'm Rachel. I have a Kenmore 19000 embroidery sewing machine. I sew fairly often and LOVE it but still consider myself a novice. There is so much to learn!
Comment by Bonnie on May 28, 2009 at 11:32am
Great Great Great!!!!
I have 2 Kenmores, a 19150 and a 19000. Plus 2 sergers and a small Brother portable. Love sewing, always have and probably won't quit till they bury me.
Hope this will be an active group. I've been waiting many years for another Kenmore group since we left AOL.
Be back real soon!
Comment by Lee on May 28, 2009 at 11:37am
I bought a Kenmore 15243 (or 343?) last year to replace an old Singer I was foolish enough to get rid of. This is the one I kept after buying several other all-purpose, but inexpensive machines that just couldn't compare with the heavy 1960s one I had. This Kenmore's very basic, but so far so good. I've not used it for much yet other than pillow and clothing repairs and several "eye pod" as Xmas gifts. I look forward to hearing what goes on here and asking you guys questions!
Comment by Kay on May 28, 2009 at 12:14pm
Hi, I'm Sunshine Kay and I have 4 older model Kenmore sewing machines 158 series.I love to sew things easy to make, such as potholders, tote bags,clothespin bags,etc. Kenmore machines are awesome, they last for many years(with proper cleaning) the worst that could happen is the gears wear out. Other than that, I love them much better than Brother machines, which you can't take apart to clean them. You have to take them to a dealer for that!
I use up all my scraps also making things so as not to waste any fabric. I've made several baby quilts, just make a super big potholder, that's it! Mine are 32" square, very simple to make.
Comment by lois M. Morgan on May 28, 2009 at 12:41pm
I have an old kenmore and I have given it to my Granddaughter and she loves it, she is 17. I used it for a long time, I could use it to sew heavy things on, and I do a lot of that. It is also easy to clean and do maintenance on.
Comment by Bonnie on May 28, 2009 at 1:51pm
Hi Lois,Kay ,and Lee!
I bought my first Kenmore back in '76; it was the first stretch stitch machine they put on the market. The salesman was setting it up and I was looking for a new machine that day(was very dissappointed in what I saw at Singer Center). I took my own scraps to sew on; hate that cheesy junk they use for demos. I had a 10 yr. old boy so I was mending,hemming jeans, etc and my old machine just didn't do it anymore. Anyway, the salesman had to stop and answer the phone and I asked him if I could read the manual and he said 'have at it' so I did. By the time he was off the phone ,it was up and running and I was breezing throuh all the test scraps I had. He just stood there and asked me if I wanted a job. I told him I'd be happy with that sewing machine. He was going to get me one in a box and I said no, I wanted the on I was sewing on. I got it and then set up a new demo for him. Next time I was in the store and went by the sewing machines ,he stopped me and said he'd sold 2 more of the same machine that same day to folks who saw me playing with it .
I kept that machine for over 10 years and then upgraded to a bigger Kenmore and I've never considered another brand of conventional machine.
What got ya'll into Kenmore machines??
Comment by Terrie on May 28, 2009 at 2:41pm
I have a Kenmore machine but I am too chicken to use the various stitches. when I took it to a friend who owns a sewing shop to show me how to get it threaded correctly (no one helped me at the store) she made little ducks with some of the stitches. I love sewing,quilting but never have time to do it as much as I want.
Comment by Margaret "Marty" Cobb on May 28, 2009 at 3:17pm
Hi Everyone,
My DH gave me a Lady Kenmore in 1975 that had a free arm, a couple boxes of cams, & another box of accessories plus a cabinet for Christmas that year. I sewed everything on it until 2001 when some workmen took it out of the cabinet. It was too heavy to move & they broke the housing when they dropped the machine. Told me that they didn't realize it was so heavy. Anyway, I went trolling thru a Thrift Shop & found my newest (to me) Kenmore which is a 158.17511. I have located some presser feet for it, a manual, and plan to buy cams for it one day. It is a work horse. This machine was made in 1968 & is a flatbed. It is as sturdy as a tank. I have been sewing for almost 50 years & make most of my clothing plus have a sewing ministry thru my church. It gets a good workout. I do have 3 Pfaff computerized machines & a Babylock plus a New Home "Greyhound Lightening". I love sewing as it is a lifestyle not a hobby.


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