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As mentioned in my comment, have collected as many feet and attachment accessories as I could find. Now that I am retired, I hope to experiment with all of them to see their designs in real life, and, am anxious to try decorative threads with them ( which so far I have only read about using in the bobbin.
If I were to do a sample of various kinds of threads to try, any successes for suggestions?
Does anyone have examples to share with us?
Also, what is the heaviest/thickest thread or yarn or ribbon I could try?

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Hi Susan!

I like to use Egyptian Cotton Embroidery thread for decorative stitching on linen towels or light weight batiste or voile. It's got a matte finish but colors stay bright. I use polyester embroidery thread with my decorative stitching and embroidery on most everything else. I collect feet also and still have a few I need to learn to use better.
Coats makes a rayon embroidery thread on small spools that would be good to start with ,or see if you can find Metrosene Egyption Cotton Embroidery thread. One thing I found out early on is that with light weight fabrics and some of the denser decorative stitches,like the arrowheads and bead stitches, it pays to use a tear away or wash away stabilizer to keep your fabric from being pulled tight and ending up an inch or so narrower than when you started. I loosen my tension and play on a scrap (with stabilizer under it) to make sure I have a good tension. Too loose can get you a lot of knots and 'birds nests' tangles and possibly a broken needle or thread jam.
As for yarn, I haven't tried any on my conventional machines but I did play around with very narrow ribbon in the bobbin years ago. It was different and I liked the look but it's slow going and you have to watch for the bobbin running out of thread; you can't get a lot of ribbon on one. I'll see if I can find my directions and maybe I can scan them and email them if you're interested.
About the thickest thread I've used is buttonhole twist for outline stitching a t-shirt printed design that I wanted to tranpunto quilt certain areas for a demensional effect. You again have to watch tension.I used the buttonhole twist on top and regular polyester thread in the bobbin. Jeans thread is about the same as buttonhole twist and comes in several colors. I've used both for topstitching it looks very nice,especially on ultra suede or vinyl.
I'll have to think a bit to see what else I've done; I'm sort of a jack of all trades and get involved in too many things. Bad habit, but all the women in my family are like that and very good at all they do;I get it from both sides,too.
Hope some of the others will join in;I'm all for trying new tricks and ideas.
hi susan. I suggest you this books for the use of thats feet and attachment accessories. they are amazing.
1. Fine Machine Sewing by Carol Laflin Ahles
2.Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques by Nancy Bednar and JoAnn Pugh-Gannon
Taking so long to reply to is rude, but, playing rubic's cube with everything in my workshop I am blessed with, making more elbow room to play in. Thank you for your response. Have 103 (avon shipping) boxes fabric I and my women relatives collected, notions, etc, re-built machines table, built sorta small cutting table, re-organized books and patterns, then there's stuff that goes along with. The other half of the 28' building is for crafts stuff and equipment. Am planning to use it all in my next lifetime. Thanks again.
Recently found note to self of that title, looked up title then author and have 3 books in mind which seem to have great info (but not good info about which book i want). Silly question is do I want F.M.S 2/E with white garment on front, F.M.S REV/E with pointed blue collar on front, or F.M.S. Easy Ways with rounded blue Collar on front? Should probably find a better source with dates and better reviews. All 3 seem very good. Thanks for your reply.
thats two Fine machine sewing, with white garment on front and with pointed blue collar on front are the same book. the different is the hard cover of one. Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques is another book with amazing techniques.
enyoy sewing


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