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i just got a kenmore model 158.18800 and it run great but the thred keeps getting stuck by the bobbin when it loops around . There are no burs on any thing and i dont know how to ajust it .somebody please help me . Without this machine running properly i can't sew anything plus i dont have a manuel and where can i get 1 for free?

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Hi Anthony - you could try to contact Sears for a manual. I had good luck with Singer many years ago, when I was given a used machine. Good Luck.
thank you
Anthony, you may not be able to find that manual as a free download, but if you google the model number you can find several sites where you can purchase the manual as a .pdf file. I searched for a few minutes and found some sites to get you started.

I have an old 1950's Kenmore that I got from someone. I initially had some problems with it, but I eventually broke down and just called my sewing machine repair guy and he did a tune up on it and now it works like a dream. There are so many different things that could be causing the problem. I would suggest paying to get a "tune-up" on it - where all the parts will be checked, it will get cleaned, oiled, and all the tensions set. It was definitely worth it to me to have that done. I haven't had any problems since.
Sears carries Kenmore machines and you could call or email them, give them the model number and whatever info you have. It is possible that they may have the manual you need. No guarantees, but it is worth a try. Also you may want to check to make sure that the bobbin is placed correctly. Try putting the bobbin in the machine feeding the opposite way such as, clockwise or counter clockwise. Good Luck.
This might be too late to help, but, when my thread bunches or jumps like that, was in a big hurry and need to turn the bobbin over in the case to unwind correctly and thru its tension again, or, have pinched the top thread in the tension dial area (but that will break the thread often). The third very important and most time consuming - take out the bobbin case and minutely adjust the tension screw on the side and try stitching again. In case that is not the problem - be sure to use perm. marker where screw slot was to start or where the best top and bottom tension is. But, hope you have already solved your problem!


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