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Hi everyone:

My machine (Kenmore 19005) is doing the exact same thing as Anthony Vallee, but it only happens when I'm embroidering.  My top thread wraps itself around the bobbin case at least 15 times by the time I am able to stop my sewing machine.  I cut my top thread, take apart my hoop and use my snips to cut the threads underneath the fabric and stabilizer.  I then have to open up the bobbin area and remove ALL the top thread that has wrapped around the bobbin itself.  I've cleaned out my machine, I've oiled, dusted, vacuumed, adjusted tensions up and down and still no results.  Does anyone have any other suggestions? 

Thanks everyone!!!

Have a sewing good day!!!

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When my Kenmores do something like that (although, I don't embroider) the threading has gone wrong. How it does that I'm not sure. Usually I have to rethread top and bottom and take out any slack. Some how during the process of sewing, it has come loose or jumped out of the proper thread path. Try rethreading......I hope that helps. I have 2 Kenmores and they both seem to do it from time to time, sometimes due to tension and sometimes due to the threading issue. Good luck.
Hi Elizabeth:

Thanks for your advice. I took my whole machine apart right down to taking the shuttle out and taking that apart too. I cleaned, vacuumed and wiped down the whole machine 3 times. I re-threaded everything, put in a newly wound bobbin and a new needle. I even went as far a re-setting my machine to factory now works and I haven't had any problems since. I have 2 Kenmore sewing machines (one is as old as the Ark) and a Kenmore Embroidery machine and I find this machine is the one I have the most problems with.

Anyhow, thanks again!! Have a great day!

My Kenmore 19000 Embroidery machine will occassionally do this, more when I'm using zig-zag or other utility stitch than embroidery. What I noticed when I got the thread out of the fabric and cut close to the fabric , was that somehow the top thread had jumped out of the thread take- up lever ; it was still threaded through the needle but was running straight from top to tension  discs, by- passing the take-up lever. When that happens, the top thread is not being pulled back up to tighten the thread before the next stitch is formed. I don't know how or why it jumps out since there's a little spring thing that you have to pull it past to get it in the lever slot and I know it was in the slot when I started sewing. I have 2 other Kenmores and haven't had the problem with them. I wonder if speed may be a factor since the embroidery machines sew faster than regular conventional machines. One of my other Kenmores, a little electronic I bought to use during bad weather ( so I don't risk my computer models getting hit by lightening) has a control so you can set the speed of the machine to sew fast or slow. I really like that feature.

One thing to watch  when beginning embroidery ,is to make sure both threads are up on top of the fabric and the top thread is secured however your machine manual dictates. I also hold the bobbin thread out to the left so it can't get pulled back down by the needle and top thread. Only need to do this for the first few stitches, each time you begin a design or change color.

   Hope this helps you determine the origin of the problem.



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