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Sent in by mary:

"Help the Reader19000 has been back ordered for 2 years now and I need one to embroider on my machine. I know this is like some Janome Model and maybe I can interchange. My machine has a serial port and a card reader slot. Has any one out there had this same problem or know a solution. I just got my 6th solution from a sewing place and it is going back because it doesnt work. Kenmore and Janome use JEF . Thank you Jupitermap"

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What was your '6th solution'???
I have a Kenmore 19000 machine and it uses the SEW format; I was unaware Kenmore was now using the JEF format. I 'm not sure what you mean by a ' Reader 19000' . If you mean a device that will read designs and write designs to a memory card , I have a Magic Box card reader and it will change designs in other formats to the one you need for your machine and then 'writes' the design in your format to your memory card. You can buy blank cards that fit your machine to go with the reader; reader boxes usually come with a blank card . I originally bought an Amazing Box but wore it out so I bought the Magic Box about a year ago. It works great with my Windows XP system.
I think you could probably buy direct from a Jamome dealer; I know all the feet , etc. I have ordered with Kenmore part numbers have come directly from a Janome warehouse. I recently purchased the tiny Janome hoop for doing cuffs and baby stuff and a walking foot for my 19000 directly from a Janome dealer that I found online. They both fit my machine with no problems.
I'd like ot know more about your 19005 machine; I haven't looked at Kenmore embroidery machines in years.
Hi there: When you got your machine, it should have come with a SanDisk CompactFlash PC card adapter and card. You can down load items onto this card from your computer. (Depending on how old your computer is, you may or may not have a card slot built into your computer. If not, you can purchase a card reader fairly cheap.) Place the card into the adapter and then into your machine. This is what I do and have no problems with it at all. Hope this helps!!
You can also find them on ebay. I can't believe you would have any problem getting them from Sears. I joined this group to get a referresher on the embroidery aspect of this machine. I've used it as a straight sewing machine and now I want to do some things. I can't find my software - because it's been too long. I used to have a pfaff 7570 which I liked but when the updated the software and their recommendation about the "old" operating system was to spend another $2000 on the new system. Nedless to say I spend $2500 and got a new machine. :)


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