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I would not give up my Kenmore for anything. I bought it new in August 1976, it's still like new. I've used it faithfully for all my sewing projects. I did have a Brother Quilting machine but no longer have it. I lost my house do to a kitchen fire last Aug 2011 and my Brother machine melted. BUT, my KENMORE is still just as good as new. Alittle smokey smelling but works like it always has, it just keeps on stitching. I still have the manual, and all the parts. I did however loose the slide plate somehow in the fire. Really can't figure that one out, as it slides and locks. But got a new one . I LOVE<LOVE my Kenmore.

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My 1977 model is still going strong. At that time the slide off portion to sew pant legs and cuffs was the big thing.  I just wish I had time to use it like I did when my kids were small.  I made all our clothes.

I can't believe how much different they were then , the machines made today most are junk all plastic. I made everything for my daughter from clothes to toys


I will always say - the old heavy beast machines, are THE BEST.  I am sooooooooooo  happy to hear you did not lose that machine in that fire.  "Fire Proof" machine!  I bought my stepdaughter a vintage WHITE machine, it's pink, (it's in the sewing machine gallery) and it too, is a tank.  I would have a massive collection of the vintage machines, but, my better half told me that I had enough and to wait.  We have 5 kids so space is at a premium.  

Joyce you are right, the machines today, are what I consider to be disposables.  Junk.  Which is why I bought the vintage WHITE machine for my stepdaughter. I did not want her wrestling with a machine that did not work properly while trying to learn to sew.  And, she's hard on them.  It cost me all of $10 and came with a hardwood table.

A smoking deal.

Joyce do you have a photo of your machine?  I just LOVE the look of them.

I don't at the moment but will take one.


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