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Many years ago, my mother's neighbor said that she absolutely had to go to a certain store, like Sears, Montgomery Ward, etc., for different appliances. She told me that the store brand appliances and electronics were actually made by brand name companies, who put the store brand logo on the machines. The point being, store brand appliances were exactly the same as the brand names but in most cases, were a lot less expensive. I, for instance, have a Daewoo Television set, which was really made by Sony. My son has the same exact tv, but it cost him considerably more than mine, just for the privilege of having the Sony logo on it.

Sooo, I wonder who actually made the Kenmore and/or other store brands of sewing machines. It might be useful information because if you can't find parts for your machine, the original manufacturer may still carry them. If anyone has any knowledge of these companies, I sure would love to know.

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To my knowing various companies made "Kenmore" machines for Sear's over the years. Sometimes the differences between the other brands is slight. Other times at a greater scale.
Much like the low & high end machines of other brands. it all can be likened to grocery store brands vs name ones.

I posted this URL in another Thread. Repeating it here in case it is of interest.

In Canada many of the more recent Kenmore machines are made by Janome. I have a Kenmore model that is very similiar to a Janome DC3050 which my niece has. There are a few things that are different like the layout of the stitches. But all the Janome bobbins and feet fit the machine that I have. And my main machine is a Janome so I can switch and use most of the accessories between the two machine. There was a difference in the price too. The Kenmore was cheaper. I bought it as a second machine to take to classes and it works for me.
Laura is correct to my knwoing. My first Kenmore, a something something 71 - bought early 1958 to sew my maternity clothes, was made by White.
I learned to sew on my mother's floor deomstartor White console she bought for $90.00 (?) circa 1938/39. I still have the all and who knows if I'll ever get it in for a rehaul. The console is solid wood rather than a veneer. At the moment I keep it closed and have a serger atop it.
Phyllis is right about Sears using different manufacturers over the years. In the 80's I know Whirlpool made most of the Kenmore kitchen appliances; in the 90's(and currently,as far as I know)Janome makes Kenmore sewing machines. I have 2 of them and I can order Janome accessories and hoops from Janome dealers and they fit my machines fine. One part I had a hard time getting from Sears was the tiny high intensity light bulb Janomes use,I had to get it from a dealer or from one of the larger sewing machine/ appliance stores in my area. Recently I ordered the really small Janome hoop for cuffs and baby things and it is a perfect fit on my machine. I think Laura and Phyllis are right about White making the older machines; I vaguely remember a Sears sales person telling me that when I bought my first Kenmore in 1976.
>> sigh Please accept apologies for the typos in my July 09 post. Proof reading obviously fell short.
Bonnie's posting about Kenmore's is as is known to me. Currently Janome is at the upper end of the scale of machines to buy. Sometimes a Sear's is more available than Janome dealer.
Do hope Gail Christopher is getting the info she requested.
Yes, thanks for the help!
I see you have waited a long time for this answer but I know for a fact that most Kenmore sewing machines are now made by Janome. I hope this helps better late than Never
Thank you so much--it may have taken a while to answer, but it also took a while for me to check back--so we're even! I also own an old Borletti sewing machine, in it's own console; I have been able to get it running, but cannot seem to find a belt for it. Online stores that sell belts have been very much less than helpful--one actually wrote back that they just sold the belts, they had no idea what machines they would fit and could not even give me an idea of the sizes. Geez!! When I rule the world, I'm gonna open a "belt store" and I'm going to have all the info so that my customers can easily find what they need! hehehe


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