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Help Please too!! 3 Replies

Hi everyone:My machine (Kenmore 19005) is doing the exact same thing as Anthony Vallee, but it only happens when I'm embroidering.  My top thread wraps itself around the bobbin case at least 15 times…Continue

Tags: 19005, thread, bobbin, Kenmore, tensions

Started by Ma'amster. Last reply by Bonnie Mar 7, 2012.

My 1976 Kenmore 4 Replies

I would not give up my Kenmore for anything. I bought it new in August 1976, it's still like new. I've used it faithfully for all my sewing projects. I did have a Brother Quilting machine but no…Continue

Tags: machine, sewing, WHITE, Kenmore, vintage

Started by joyce berry. Last reply by joyce berry Mar 7, 2012.

walking foot for model 1980: 158.19800 or 158.19801 or 158.19802 2 Replies

First, hello everyone!  I have the above model of Kenmore.  It was my mom's; she passed it along to me when she got a lighter portable to take places.  As some of you would know, this model is…Continue

Started by jbsews. Last reply by jbsews Dec 30, 2011.

Kenmore Elite Embroidery Machine 1 Reply

Hello.  I have a Kenmore Elite Embroidery machine.  I have been sewing all my life and am a very experienced sewer but this machine has me very intimidated.  Does anyone have any suggestions on…Continue

Started by Jan. Last reply by mary Dec 30, 2011.

HELP PLEASE !!!!!! 5 Replies

i just got a kenmore model 158.18800 and it run great but the thred keeps getting stuck by the bobbin when it loops around . There are no burs on any thing and i dont know how to ajust it .somebody…Continue

Started by anthony vallee. Last reply by susan romine Jul 16, 2010.

"Kenmore 19005 embroidery machine" 3 Replies

Sent in by mary:"Help the Reader19000 has been back ordered for 2 years now and I need one to embroider on my machine. I know this is like some…Continue

Tags: JEF, Janome, machine, embroidery, 19005

Started by Susan. Last reply by Ramona Kuhn Feb 23, 2010.

Store Brand Question 8 Replies

Many years ago, my mother's neighbor said that she absolutely had to go to a certain store, like Sears, Montgomery Ward, etc., for different appliances. She told me that the store brand appliances…Continue

Tags: parts, brand, manufacturers, machine, Sewing

Started by Gayle Christopher. Last reply by Gayle Christopher Jan 23, 2010.

Manual for Kenmore 10 - 385. 81510?! 1 Reply

I need one!!!! The needle won't go up and down.

Tags: 385, 81510?!, 10, Kenmore, for

Started by Susan. Last reply by L Hutch Sep 27, 2009.

Kenmore 158-14-101 Question

New to group so please bear with me on my first post. I have a Kenmore Model 158-14-101 sewing machine in a cabinet available to me and the price is right, can anyone tell me anything about this…Continue

Started by Deb Aug 7, 2009.

A Kenmore for $2.50! 1 Reply

Check this blog out! Laura bought her daughter a Kenmore for $2.50! It cleaned up beautifully.Continue

Tags: blog, Laura, thrift, kenmore

Started by Susan. Last reply by Phyllis Jun 24, 2009.

Attachments and Feet and Decorative threads 5 Replies

As mentioned in my comment, have collected as many feet and attachment accessories as I could find. Now that I am retired, I hope to experiment with all of them to see their designs in real life,…Continue

Started by susan romine. Last reply by migdalia Jun 20, 2009.

Comment Wall

Comment by susan romine on May 28, 2009 at 3:50pm
Am sooooo happy to find a Kenmore Group. I love my old iron workhorses and have added as many feet and accessories as I can find for my model 85 (drop-in cams) and my model 158. Did have a Kenmore Baby but was talked out of it and am promised to receive it back when she tires of taking it to quilting class. When my model 85 was dropped on a concrete floor, I re-aligned the works and kept on sewing! My Mother, who used to sew professionally, borrowed it every time her fantiastic-plastic other brand was in for repairs.
We Kenmore users love em and won't give them up, especially if we grew up with quality instead of throw-away appliances.
Looking forward to sharing about Kenmores,
Susan from Eastcentral Illinois
Comment by handwashcold on May 28, 2009 at 6:26pm
Hello everyone!

I picked this up at a yard sale two years ago:

I paid $10 for it with the manual and accessory box, in the original table, from the person who originally bought it from Simpsons Sears. (Don't know about the states, but it's been a LOOONG time since Canada had Simpsons Sears!)

Couldn't be happier with it...zig zag and straight stitch...what more could you want?
Comment by Gerrie on May 28, 2009 at 7:00pm
Hi Everyone ~
I'm Gerrie, and I believe I received my Kenmore as a graduation present from hi-school from my Mom & Dad. Went straight to Sears, Roebuck, and Co. in Oakland, CA.
I graduated in 1962! Haven't had another machine yet. Of course, I'm not a prolific sewer, but it's made kids clothes, home decor, some of my clothes, and came to Hawaii with us when my husband was stationed in Pearl Harbor. It helped me make a swimsuit for my husband, that held up to surfing and salt water for nearly two years, and I think it's still around here somewhere (the swimsuit that is!).
So am so glad to see this group started. I'm still plugging away on my sweet machine - clothes and costumes for my grandchildren and even the daughters-in-law, neither of whom even knew how to hand stitch!! I'm working to remedy all that, especially with the grandchildren.
Sew onward, ever onward. I'll be keeping tabs on this site! ~Gerrie~
Comment by Bonnie on May 28, 2009 at 9:11pm
Hi everyone! Looks like we're off to a good start here. Marty's right---- sewing is a lifestyle . Gerrie, I hope you have good luck with your grandchildren; I've been trying to get my granddaughter interested in sewing since she was 6. She's now 17 and looks at me strange when I tell her if you sew ,you can have exactly what you want ,exactly the way you want it to fit. You'd think being able to have all the lastest styles by doing it yourself would get a teen's brain moving. She's a clotheshorse if there ever was one but sewing is out.
Oola, I take it you are in Canada; where exactly? I don't think we had Simpson Sears here in the states ; don't remember ever seeing one . Does anyone else know the answer to that?
We need to get Susan to teach us all how to 'service' our Kenmores; I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to take one apart. My wonderful little stretch stitch machine got dropped upside down when we transferred from AL to VA ,when it was 3mo.old. I was afraid it was a goner,but the Sears tech sent it to the factory and it came back good as new and I never had a problem with it ever.
Anyone a doll collector ,or know any? I collect vintage dolls mostly and spend 'therapy' time sewing for them. My grandmother had new learning to do handworked buttonholes when I was 10 and sewing doll clothes by hand. I learned to embroider when I was 8 or 9 and sick with the mumps. And I still sometimes handstitch a doll outfit, especially the 'baby' stuff.
My daughter in law is a quilter ,hand and machine, and lately has taken up sewing for her grandchildren. One of the boys always wants her to make his pjs, which I think is cute( he's 4th grade now). My son gave her a serger a few months back so that's her newest interest. So glad she sews , or I'd have no one to brainstorm with or compare notes. I don't think anyone else in my family sews anymore. Years ago , we all did.We all grew up in the textile region of NC and everyone in the area sewed.
So, what do you all like to sew most? Favorite fabrics? Sewing show?
And anybody do digitizing either with pro software or auto programs? Favorite online shopping sites( fabrics, notions, etc)?
I use auto ditigizing and like to do linework for my own designs with PreDesign Studio. I just like the 'handworked' look of linework. I'm mostly a 'less is more' type anyway. I'm an inquiring mind but also a tad nosy(LOL).
Comment by Wilma Ramsey on May 29, 2009 at 4:41pm
wow I can't believe there are others out there that still use these machines!!!
I bought mine in 1966. It was in storage for about 8 years and I pulled it out 3 years ago, oiled it up and it works good as new. These machines are work horses---will sew thru anything. I replaced all the attachments, decorative cams and manual which had turned up missing over the years. I also replaced the bobbin case since I had messed up the bobbin tension so bad LOL It's still in its original cabinet also. I have been tempted to buy a new machine, maibly because they have automatic button holes but I will not part with my Kenmore and see no sense in having 2 machines. But I do have my eye on an embroidery machine !!
Wilma from Ohio
Comment by Bonnie on May 29, 2009 at 5:08pm
Hi Wilma! I've always heard good things about Kenmore machines. I wo"d like to know who was making their machines back when you got yours; There sure are a lot of them around. My mother had a Singer with drop-in cams from the late 50's and it was a good machine for about 15 years ,then started having problems. I remember my favorite home ec teacher( do they still teach that these days?) said she had a Kenmore and liked it much better than the Singer machines the home ec department had.
Mine are newer machines and they are both computer machines. I'd like to find me a mechanical Kenmore that I could use if one fails. I did have to have the mother board and all replaced in my 19151 and am glad I have kept up the maintainence contracts; it would have cost about $900 with out the contract,which was more than I paid for it originally. I've not had a bit of trouble since.
What kinds of sewing do you enjoy? I do a little of everything and also have the 19000 embroidery machine .
Comment by Wilma Ramsey on May 29, 2009 at 6:02pm
Hello Bonnie ! I have no idea who made them but they were made well that is for sure. I believe they are made of cast iron and are very heavy. I can barely pull it up from the cabinet so I leave it out all the time. It will tackle any sewing job. I remember when I bought it, it was a top of the line machine and came with classes to teach how to use all the attachments. I remember them having us sew thru wood !!! I didn't do a lot of sewing years ago because I wasn't very good at it and am still learning. I make outfits for my 2 grand children and have made my grandsons halloween costumes for the last 3 years. I am going to try to make some blouses and pants for myself since I am so hard to fit---but we will have to wait and see how I do LOL I have also bought everything I need to make a quilt but haven't had the guts to try it yet. The new machines are very tempting I must say. But if I consider one it will have to wait until I move and have room for 2 sewing machines. I have been looking at Brother embroidery/sewing machines. They seem reasonably priced.
I don't think they have home ec in the schools anymore. And that's a shame. Kids today need something else besides having their noses in a computer all day.
Comment by Bonnie on May 29, 2009 at 9:12pm
Hi Wilma!
Yeah, those kids need to leave the computers to us, we've already gotten our educations and paid the dues.
Those machines were cast iron, or had a cast iron housing. My mother's singer was hard to raise from closed position,too. You had to get your hands on it a certain way, brace yourself against the cabinet and pull up hard or you'd end up falling on top of the machine and cabinet. We didn't need to go 'workout' at a club, for sure; we got one everyday just doing 'woman's stuff' (LOL). Did they really make you sew through wood?????
I am going to do a Tshirt transfer of the Rosie the Riviter poster and put it a shirt for me. I can alternate it with my 'not listening' and 'I feel like a real witch' shirts. As you can see, I have not adjusted too well to my hubby's retirement; I cannot get used to him being underfoot 24-7. We 're retired Coast Guard,so I got to be an independant cuss, but had to be when he was gone a lot.
I sewed a lot for my granddaughter when she was small; still do some but now it's usually alterations or lounge pants,costumes for school programs,etc.
Kids clothes are a great place to play around with your decorative stitches,and it adds s custom touch to pockets, sleeve hems,plackets,etc. You should check links on sewing sites for sites that offer free patterns for kids' things. There are some great ideas out there for embellishing basic patterns, like making the 'pocket pants' from a basic unisex kids pants pattern.
Come'on ,get those shears ,grab the pincushion and marking pencil and have at it! I'm hard to fit ,too so I know all about those problems. Would you believe me if I told you I sometimes even have to alter my underwear? When I find panties that fit me, I stockpile them . It's a mean world out there for those of us who don't fit the pattern companies'ideal' or a designer's body concept. I'm really good at ' rip it";I rip and remake to suit me if something is a good fit but not exactly my style or vice versa.
Do you ever do that?
Comment by Wilma Ramsey on June 1, 2009 at 2:54pm
Bonnie, Sorry it took me so long to answer back.
When I took the classes on the attachments they wanted to make us see the strength and ability of the machine so they gave us pieces of wood to sew thru. It was 1/8 th inch wood I believe. Have never had the need to sew thru wood but this machine will sew thru just about anything. I am not good at "rip it"---I can barely make slight alterations on store bought clothes without it looking horrible LOL But I need to do something because I am running out of clothes to wear. I don't even bother wasting my time looking for clothes in the store anymore. I get so frustrated ! I am 5'7" and long legged so the pants they sell aren't even close to being long enough and the tops hang like rags. I have an old pair of pants and a top that fit perfectly so I am going to take them apart and cut myself a pattern from them. I did this with the "house" dresses I wear around the house and the cost savings is huge. Hopefully I can make them good enough so they don't look home made. My grandchildren are still small enough that it is easy to sew for them My grandson is 5 and granddaughter just turned 1 in March. My big problem is getting the fabric cut. I live in a small house and had purchased a table that I set up between the living room and the kitchen---but then we "inherited" a large cage and 2 birds which ended up on my table. Hopefully we will be moving soon and I will have the room I need and I won't have to climb over boxes to get to my sewing machine. What a nightmare !!!!
Comment by Bonnie on June 1, 2009 at 4:54pm
I know what you mean about being hard to fit! When I do find a brand if sportswear,jeans,etc that fit well, the store either stops carrying it or goes out of business ,or moves to a location that is not cost effective for me. I am hanging on to every thing that I've bought the last 3-4 yrs that still looks half way decent. I will decorate, embroider ,etc. on plain shirts so they look new instead of same old same old. Taking clothes apart is a good way to be sure you have a pattern that fits and I'm considering it myself to get a capri pattern that fits me. I have 2 pattern drafting programs and still cannot get pants patterns to come out right. I'm built weird and now that my spinal discs are 'degenerating' ,my waist to hip measurement is about 6". If you measure 7" down ,then the fabric amount for the 'fullest 'part of the hip is below my rear and I look like a toddler with droopy drawers. To make matters worse, a seamstress years ago who did a lot of bridal sewing for my family ,told me I had what tailors call a 'low seat'. That makes my back crotch depth different than the front. I have to cut almost a J-shape back crotch seam with longer extensions ( I take some off the front and add it to the back) . It all has to do with that low seat thing and my skeletal structure and body center. I know the reasons, the remedies, and how to make the changes,but still have a hard time with pants! One thing I have learned is that those 'rules 'about where to measure your body do not apply to every body and must be changed /adapted for each individual. I can draft a pattern to fit my granddaughter well but I measure her by her body ,not the 'ideal'. All the times I've had someone measure me, one or two amounts were not quite right,or exactly where they needed to be, and that affects the whole drafting process. So yeah, I'm ready to rip up some old pants to make patterns before I get to old to enjoy a pair that really fit. You are lucky to be tall, though; I'm just barely 5' -and 1/2" ,so even petites are sometimes to long on me. Hey, we could start a 'short and tall' store, kinda like men's Big and Tall stores. If I were younger, I'd probably be able to find financial backing among my tall and short friends who have some of the problems we do.Still, we're ahead of them---they don't sew.
Let me know how your pants project goes. I may start ripping apart tonight since I have several pairs that need altering and am tired of wearing jeans; it's too hot here for heavy denim.
When and where are you moving to?


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