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Just wondering what sort of plushies everyone is working on...I'm making mice! My daughter drew a very simple mouse on the window with Crayola window crayons and I was inspired. He was so simple & endearing that I had to bring him to life. I made a boy mouse like her drawing then slightly changed the pattern to create a girl mouse too. They're flat, pillow-style mice. His entire back is covered with the same, wide corduroy I used for his ear patch. Simple!!The girl is next on my Plushie "to-do" list

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It's very cute.
That is a darn cute mouse. Bet your daughter is thrilled to see her drawing in 3D.
Thanks...he's a bit odd, but he is what he is. She was pretty excited to see it come to life. Actually she didn't realize she'd drawn the mouse at all, which is weird. She'd cleaned the crayola window crayon off the sliding glass door (which means it didn't get done right) and there were streaks like she'd drawn in the haze with her finger. It looked exactly like a mouse to me. She said she didn't even realize she'd done it. Then I drew over her streaks with one of the crayons and out popped this mouse : ) I have pictures somewhere of the drawing but can't find them now...of course.
Gosh he's adorable! And I love the story behind your inspiration for him! Can't wait to see the girl mouse! In answer to your to-do list question, I'm finishing up details on a sea dragon sock doll and will be starting a punk zebra next.


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