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Anthropologie Inspired: Pleated From Top to Bottom Shirt - Tutorial


Anthropologie  Inspired: Pleated From Top to Bottom Shirt - Tutorial

To create this look you need two shirts, or one shirt and a coordinating fabric for the pleats.  There is a lot of pinning required to accomplish this look, but it is oh so worth it.  This can also be done on a long sleeve shirt since the colder weather is coming... learn how to do it!

(I know you want to!)   

How to sew pleats by Colleen Lea: 



more pleated projects at SWN:


Tip: Use a ruffler foot to add gathers or pleats to a garment.  A complicated looking foot... bu very easy to use.  Make hundreds of pleats or gathers and seconds.


You can also learn how to Faux Pleat here with Vanessa Christenson.



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love it, very beautiful and it looks like it would be hard to make

You've been posting some very useful and engaging tutorials. Thank you!


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