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By Jenifer Gee

Despite economy, still possible to look good for less

During a rough economy, fulfilling basic food, shelter and transportation needs can make the desire for new clothing seem frivolous.

However, for those fusionists who have a few dollars left over, there are some cost-effective ways to indulge in one or two additions to their wardrobe.

Just ask Cheryl’s Clothes Closet storeowner Jodie Luckett. Luckett is a self-proclaimed “treasurer hunter” who loves to find deals on clothing.

“I buy everything second hand,” Luckett said. “It’s the thrill of the hunt. When I find an item that was $600 for $6 or less, I quake I get so excited.”

Luckett said as a single mother of three there was “no other way I could shop” besides searching through the goods at thrift stores. However, even today, she said she couldn’t fathom spending $100 on a new item.

She recommends that thrift store shoppers stay committed to the hunt.

“There will be times when you don’t find anything and other times you’ll hit the mother lode,” Luckett said... read on!

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I agree that the prices of some thrift stores is rediculous, but sometimes you can find a good bargain. IAround the change of seasons the thrift stores in my area mark everything down to less than half..about a dollar an item

I try not to shop at Wal-Mart and places like that for multiple reasons. If I am going to buy new stuff, I want American Made. That whole subject is for another discussion group.

I can also find 'high end' clothing which means high end fabric at the thrift stores. Walmard has poor quality fabrics and clothing made from poor quality fabric.

I also find better things at yard sales and rummage sales. Less and less now though, people are buying at places like Wal-Mart and the stuff is usually not fit for anything but the rag recycler after a few washings.

I agree with Joy to an extent, that the prices at the charity shops are creeping up and it's frustrating, but I can usually find at least 3 pairs of new, designer jeans worth over $100 in my size every year that only cost $10. Pretty good odds! I also buy all my purses there. I have two, gorgeous leather bags there this year. I buy all kinds of brand named clothing for my kids that I wouldn't be able to buy otherwise. You just have to keep going and not give up. keep wading through the junk and you'll find some goodies. Many times I find vintage fabrics too that would otherwise cost a fortune on E-bay. It takes a lot of patience but in the end it pays off for me!


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