A child's outgrown or matted sweater or cardigan makes great indoor mukluks.

How to do it:

  • Cut off the sleeves as if they were raglan sleeves.
  • Have the child stand on the double fabric of the front and back and outline the foot size, leaving plenty of space around it.
  • Cut out the two feet from the back and fronts.  If the fabric is loosely knitted, zig zag or serge around the shapes first.
  • Now cut out the matching shapes in that non slip fabric for sleepers. 
  • Using contrast wool and darning needle, blanket stitch the 3 layers of the feet to the sleeves, beginning with the underarm seam to the centre back footshape and working around, easing the two together so that the shoulder point is the centre of the front foot.
  • How fancy (or not) you want them is up to you, embroider, applique or leave as is.

These warm slippers are great for kids who like that "no shoes" feeling.  Somehow the same "formula" works for everyone as long as the sleeve part is cut as a raglan. Even Granpa's.

Many thanks to Jacquelynne for this nifty recycling tip.

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