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I'm loving the great cowls I've seen lately! I had to make one! This cowl is my latest re-fashion too. I think this one would be great for teenagers...sadly, my 10 year old daughter hasn't gotten with the fashion program yet. Honestly! The minute she sees her friends wearing them, she'll hop on that bandwagon. Just wait....

To make it, I used one t-shirt & one hoodie, sweat-shirty type top (of which the sleeves were too short for me - what's new???).

I cut a 25"x12' strip from each, I actually cut the draw string that belonged to the hoodie and added it to the top of the sweatshirt portion to create a piece that was 12"h. Attaching it was super simple because the entire shirt already had raw edge seam details all over.

I sewed the short edges of each panel, flipped them inside out, and slid one inside the other and sewed along one edge. For the top you could just sew all the way around, leaving a three inch opening for flipping and just hand stitch the opening or top stitch.

I have a couple sweaters, T shirts & wool that I want to use to make more. It was a fun & quick project.

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What a great recycle project! You know, when you wear this out, people are going to stop and ask you where you got it. Get ready to take orders. :o)
ahh if only : ) They are SUPER easy to make too which is a huge plus. It was as easy as the giant bird from your pattern because i didn't have to stuff it *wink*


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