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Well as I said I had been given a load of jeans to recycle, and this time I decided to use the legs to make myself an apron.  I never know how much detail to put in, so here is quite a lot!


I fitted a new Jeans needle, chose my favourite Guttermanns Cotton thread No 5815 (because it is denim coloured) and fitted my walking foot because the jeans are stretchy and the lining isn't so I thought it would help. 

I cut the jeans legs into strips roughly 3" wide, and about 24" long.  I alternated light and dark strips and sewed them together.

Previously I have found sewing across strips could leave me with some seams one way and some the other, so to prevent that I pressed the seams open and top stitched down both sides.  You don't have to do this, but I knew it would keep me neat!  I had to add some more strips across the top of this piece to make the bib part of the apron, and now the seams would all stay flat.


When I made the straps for the denim shirt apron last week, I did the method where you cut the strap 4 x the finished width, crease the centre line and fold both sides in, then fold the whole thing in half.  I don't know the name for that method, but I did find them a bit thick when I was tieing them even though the fabric was thin (Chambray?).  

So I decided as I was using thick denim this time I would do the tube method and turn them inside out aiming for a 1" finished strap.  I actually sewed across the end as well as down the side, so  rather than use a safety pin to pull it through as I usually do, I turned the end in and used my trusty wooden knitting needle to push the fabric inside itself.  

I held the top away from the point when I pulled the fabric down, so it would not be able to pierce the end.  I have had trouble with this before, which is why I use the fold-in method.  Imagine my delight when it actually worked!  Then I pressed and top stitched all round all the straps.  I had plenty of fabric this time, so I made the neck strap in one piece and didn't bother with the D rings.


I used the same old kitchen curtain for the lining.  I had a bit of a cheat, and cut it with the original small hem in place.  So then I just had to press up a hem on the denim side and baste it in place. 


I couldn't resist putting an applique on the pocket, and went for my Gingerbreadmen.  I used Bondaweb (Wonderunder) to stick them in place, then used zig zag stitch to fix them there.  I hand embroidered the eyes and mouth and added 2 buttons down the tummy.  (I did try buttons for the eyes, but somehow they looked creepy!).

I added the lining and assembled the pocket,  sewing them right sides together and leaving a 3" gap at the bottom for turning.  Trimmed corners and turned right side out, pressed.


With all the bits made, it was time to put it together.  I pinned the pocket in place and stitched it on.  Then I positioned the straps, then added the lining and pinned it all in place.  I always pin the waist straps straight across now, as I have had them shift and come out crooked before, and I hate having to unpick and do them again!

I sewed it all together from the bottom of one side across the top and down to the bottom of the other side, leaving the hem open.  Trimmed corners, clipped curves, pressed side seams open, turned right side out and pressed. Then I  topstitched all the way round, closing the hem up at the same time.  Done!

Now I have a fab couple of aprons to wear!

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