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Measure and cut bottom portion of dress off at waistline. Rip out short sleeves and use as pattern for long sleeves. Sew in new sleeves. Finish hem by turning under and stitching or adding bead trim for a dressier look. Voila! A new long-sleeved blouse.

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Very nice idea!
good thinking!
I love the embellishments on the bottom!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the sweet comments! This top was born out of necessity. I needed a blue top for choir and waited until the 11th hour to find one. Of course, I couldn't find any solid blue top in stores. Then I went scouring into the dark recesses of my closet and found a dress I never wore. After looking at it and measuring, I decided I could make it work. Thus my blouse was created.
Probably depends on how long/short you want the top.
Good point. I should clarify that I am short-waisted; so no, it didn't make the top too short for me. However, you could adapt to your measurements, leave the bottom longer, and make ¾ sleeves instead of a full-length sleeve.
Taking off the short sleeves, and using them to create a pattern for long sleeves... never would have thought of that! I probably would have just tried to add additional material to the sleeves already in place. Which could result in some interesting designs, as well?, I have extended sleeves 4-5 inches, by doing that, before. Since you sew right on top of the existing sleeve, it results in a "raised" look, which can be kind of pretty. A bit tricky, to make it just the right size, to fit the sleeve, though.
Gerri - I'm all about making my life easier! For me, it takes way too many brain cells to try and get the right curve when drafting my own sleeve pattern. Ripping out the old one and using its curve for a new sleeve is much easier for me. I'll have to try your sleeve idea on one of my next projects. Do you have any pictures?
I like your new blouse and the new finishing


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