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...fold them in half and use them for  the ends of sleeves or legs on pyjamas.  Don't hem them, just zigzag them and they shouldn't unravel.

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go on! what a great idea - kids sock cuffs would be so cute!
What I love to do with the top parts of socks is to use them for cute sleeve and sleeve detail on childrens knit tops.....I often cut up tights and use them the same way!
What a great idea!!
That is really a good idea, where were you when my kids were little, ha! Thanks for sharing, Mary, in Az
The ribbed tops, especially those from thicker athletic socks, are also great for making sweat-type wrist bands which are useful to catch the water from dripping down to the elbows when kids are brushing teeth, washing faces, or even helping with washing dishes. I usually just snip and roll them up. I don't bother to sew the longer ones.
Really great idea! My kids are grown but have first grandchild with #2 coming in June. I do so plan to use this one. Thx.
Wow! Your idea is great. I hate when the water drips down to my elbows when I'm washing dishes. Will definitely use your idea. Thanks.
Never thought about that! Its a really good idea that I will be implementing for family projects. Thank you!
I used some ladies socks to make leggings for my grandgirls' American girl dolls. They turned out really cute. The ribbed part was for the legs. The heel part is where I cut sock and turned it under to making a casing and inserting elastic. Voila! :)
you can also sew them a cross the bottom and they make great glass covers, so when it's humid your glass won't drip. I use all size and type of socks for this purpose.
I use them when moving. Instead of wrapping my glassware in paper i stick them into old socks and stuff the end into the glass. Tube socks work really well for this because you can cut them to size. Also, i put plates and bowls, anything breakable inside of old t-shirts and stack one loose in between.
You are so clever and think outside the square to reuse socks in this way.


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