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I thought this was the neatest idea... excellent for the upcoming cooler weather and almost free if you have some sweaters laying around that you don't wear.

Check out the tutorial and photos here. It looks super easy!

If you decide to try this please post some pictures of your finished project!

Wawak Sewing

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I love making these. All of my sons pants last winter were made from sweaters!!
Very easy and fun looking recycle idea. No baby will look the same as another with this idea.
I think I would put reinforcement on the knees... I don't know about anyone else but my kids would have the knees out of these in a few wears!
This is soooooo cool I can't wait to try it I have to go through my clothes to see what I can tear apart! LOL
Why wouldn't this work with old sweat shirts also? If they are too wide you should be able to just make the inside seam deeper. That would be a snap with a serger.

I have made bunches of these for my son. He's a bit of a chunker, and we do cloth diapers, so I have a really hard time finding pants that fit him. If you use wool, then you don't even need a diaper cover. I have made these from sweatshirts too and they seem super comfy. With the body of the sweatshirt, I make a sleep sack and just add snaps to the shoulder area. So for like $1 from a thrift store, or free from you're closet, our kiddo can have some pretty hip clothes. Here is the Stinker modeling his latest pair of Wollies. Not too shabby.


Another clever idea for grandma to make for youngest baby granddaughter...will wait until she's up me a little time to round up nice sweaters to recycle.....

This is such a good idea. Something I would never have thought of. Got to check my closet. Thanks.
We work in another country with a maginalized minority group - one young woman had no pants for her young son - she brought in some 'sweater legs' and made pants for her son - it was a great lesson for me - the teacher!!
What a great idea! I must try this. I have used my old sweaters for dog sweaters. I must say, they wear better sweaters than I do at times. hahaha I love the creativity from everyone in this site.


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