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Grab your scalpel, er scissors, and perform some surgery on your t-shirts! I love to go to Michael's or ACMoore and buy t-shirts when they are on sale 2/$5. Now, I'm a girly-girl, and don't really wear t-shirts; however, after I perform surgery on one, they suit my feminine side a whole lot better. Here are the latest shirts I've re-worked:

I cut around the neckline, rounding and scooping it a bit. I cut the bottom off an XXL t-shirt and used the 'bands' to create a ruffle around the neckline. I took in the sides to give it a more fitted look. I also removed the sleeves and turned them into flutter sleeves. Here's a close-up of the ruffle:

Here's a t-shirt I did in green.:

I scooped both the front and back, cut off the bottom and created a ruffle around the entire neckline. I also removed the sleeve and recreated them as an open flutter sleeve.

Here's a close-up of the ruffle:

What kind of surgery do you like to perform on your t-shirts?

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VERY cute!!!! You're so talented : ) I've never ever performed surgery, real or otherwise. I have popped a few zits though.
LOL! You are my kind of friend! :o)
: P
wow those are cute. makes me want to try it.
Thanks! T-shirts are on sale at my Michael's this week. I'm going to get some so I can make a couple new tops. I'll take pictures along the way and show how easy this really is. :o)
I love this ....I love showing my granddaughter things you can do with left overs.
I picked up some tee's at a yard sale and have grand plans for leggings(for my lil' girl). We'll see how they turn out.... :) Those shirts look amazing btw!
I love this idea! I'm not into T shirts either. But I do love the feel of the fabric they are made from. I am doing a recycle right now from a skirt I made my daughter a couple years ago. I have just finished taking it apart, and hope tomorrow to start cutting my new project from the pretty fabric. I guess then, I will be "green"?

My first attempt at altering a T. I love what you have done here. I don't have a serger, any suggestions on finishing the edges better. My neck line rolls, any ideas on how to correct that.


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