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This tunic would have worked out easier if you had used a fusible stabilizer on the inside of the shirt before cutting it. I would use a tear away fusible in a medium weight that is meant for embroidery. It will keep the shirt from stretching/shifting as you cut & sew it. You would remove the stabilizer just prior to hemming the armholes and waistband. Also, a ball point needle would have helped.

Like your machine...

what Whitney said really made my day. I needed to hear what she had said about not giving up. Thanks for the message and for the project!
Excellent on spot message thank you :) hips a wee wide for project LOL
Hey Whitney...thanks for the tutorial--clear communication, good, practical directions, and great philosophy! Yup, that's the way to get through life, too! Looking forward to more sewing projects. Keep on keepin' on!!! Thanks again! Cathy


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