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A while ago I made this apron from the back of a man's denim shirt, and did freemotion embroidered Poppies on the pocket.  

That still left me the front of the shirt to use for something, and I decided on - another apron!  This would be plain but durable because it is for me,  and I wear aprons cos I'm messy!  Here is what I had to work with....

I cut it into an apron shape and sewed up the button stand.  I made the straps from the remaining sleeve, and cut a lining from the same kitchen curtain I used for the Poppy apron.  As the shirt pockets were a bit high I added 2 pockets from some jeans in my stash.  All the raw edges go inside the lining.  I added D rings on a short strap as the neck strap was already 2 pieces joined together and still a bit short and it makes it adjustable if I want to let someone else borrow it!

Et voila, my tough new apron!  

Now that got me back in my sewing room, so I have started another recycled denim project, this time using strips cut from the legs of jeans.  I am sewing them together alternating dark and light strips, eventually planning to make yet another tough apron for me.


Watch this space!

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