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Barbara Bateman writes in and asks:  "After 11 years my first serger is on its last leg and I will need to replace it soon, I fear. I did a quick check online for ideas on where to start looking and really got overwhelmed with information. Any personal suggestions?? I doing sewing and alterations in my home and would like one heavy enough to serge denim if possible, without spending a ton of money. Thanks for your suggestions." 

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I have two Juki sergers, and they are fantastic.  I use them on a nearly daily basis for a small business.  They serge through denim and madras and corduroy without a hiccup and they make beautiful rolled and decorative seams for the outside of garments.  They are pretty easy to thread, too.  I don't work for Juki, I promise :)  Before buying any of my machines I checked out the reviews at pattern review
Thanks for your input, I will certainly check out the Juki sergers. Just curious why you have two?

Glad to read this, I will also be looking for a new serger soon. I was given a White brand serger, and I am going to throw it straight in the garbage. What a piece of junk.

Did you get another serger? If so, what kind and how do you like it? I need one but don't know where to start narrowing the options!

I have not yet got a new one, but finances are finally coming together for me to do so!

I have a white also and I wish I could throw it In the garbage.

Barbara, have you bought one now?  I was given my serger by my cousin who couldn't get the hang of it.  It had been under her bed for about 16 years! It does everything I need but I can't get any feet or blades for it (Riccar were bought out and then their factory got burnt down).  So I have looked at a Juki but it is not only £599 ($943.72) but the feet are a package at another £149 ($234.75).  Way over my comfort spending zone.  So I was thinking of getting a Janome 6234XL to match my sewing machine.  Looking on-line for reviews I have only found demonstrations, but it looks good and it is affordable at £379 ($597.27). Babylock are over my budget too.  Any advice or help?  


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