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i LOVE my babylock imagine ... i don't know how i lived without it!

i have NEVER heard of serger crochet ... i'm going to have to try that tonight! thanks for sharing.
Thank you so much for this vidio, you explain so simply that even I understood! could you please share more things that one may do with a "Baby Lock"? I went to look at one to-day but the salesman did'nt know everything that it did, he showed me how to thred it & then he did a rolled hem, I would like to see more that it will do before exchanging it for my Kenmore one, thank you again, Barbara. P.S. is there just one model of the "Baby Lock" serger? what is the retail price.
BabyLock has several Sergers. The imagine and the Evolve are TERRIFIC! The Evolve is being phased out I believe and will be known as the Evolution. I believe this new machine is going to introduced the 1st of Sept. I have an Evolve and absolutely love it!!!! There isn't too much you cannot do with the Evlove! Find a dealer who does know what to do with it. You need to find one that has lessons and one that teaches classes so you learn to use all the features. They are absolutely so much fun!!!!
I saw this video just a couple of weeks ago. Had to get the gathering foot. Still playing on keeping the fabric straight. I've been doing the rolled hem on ruched ruffles and adding them to some of the little girls clothes I've been embellishing. They look terrific.

When I got my machine I went to the website and saw the crochet you can do with it. So I did it around the bottom of a bag holder. Turned out really cute.

There is so much you can do with it. I love the wave stitch and I added the pearls around the edge of my daughter's veil when she got married a couple of years ago.

Great investment and so easy to use. Threading is a breeze. Can thread in any order.

There are many models of the Babylock serger. I have the Imagine Wave. Check out the website. I think it is
I have the babylock evolve and put in zippers using the piping foot! very easy!
Videos explain so much more than just words. Thanks for sharing. I'll think seriously about a serger like this one once I am more proficient at sewing.


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