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I want to try some decorative serging/overlocking.  What thread can I use safely?  I know the thread will not go through the fabric but what are the guidelines as to what I can use?

I have heard 'Madeira' mentioned, but which sort?  Also 'Metallic' but I can't say I fancy that.  I have tried Woolly Nylon, and I am sure I read somewhere you can use Crochet cotton.

This all sounds a bit vague and I may just have to ask in the Needlework shop.  I don't have a project in mind, I just want to try out the technique - it may suggest how and where I could use it!

So, your suggestions ladies please - bearing in mind I am in the UK and brand names may be different or unavailable.

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Hi Karen ~

Your serger loopers are very friendly.  While you might not be able to use decorative threads in the needle, you can certainly use them in the loopers.  As long as the decorative yarn goes fairly easily through the looper, you should be able to use  whatever kind you like.  Serge slowly to help the yarn go through smoothly.  Play with the tension as well to get different effects.  Patty Palmer and someone else have a small book out that a lot of people use as their serging "bible".  It really helps you understand the machine and what it can and cannot do.

Hi Katriina

Yes I think that must be 'Creative Sergeing' which is on my Wish List at the moment.  There's a dvd too so they would make a nice package.  Shame my birthday isn't until October!


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