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I have a Janome 634D serger & wonder if it's worth the price to get one that is electronic.

They would be easier to thread I would think. What has been the experience of y'all
who have had both types?

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I talked to a women at my local dealer and she said that if you can thread your serger in under 3 minutes (which I can) then don't get the air thread ones because by the time you finish throwing switches to do it your'd have already threaded your regular machine..... That was the only thing that I would have wanted it for was the air threader and since I can do it faster than the machine can why pay $2000 for that feature.. I don't need the other features..
Interesting information. I, too, can thread my machine in that time limit. The threading was
the main reason I am thinking about getting another one. Thank you for your reply.
um ... i have a babylock imagine (with the air jet technology) and i can thread my machine in under a minute ... i've never timed it, but it's FAST!
haha ... i'm tempted to go time it, but i took it in to be serviced and oiled (nothing wrong i just use it a LOT!) so ... it'll have to wait til i get it back ...
I have been told that you have to use Serger thread for the air threaded machines. With the other machines you can use other types. I am new to the serger world, looked at the high-end air thread so perturbed that no one would quote a price online or on the phone (guess they wanted to get me in person to do a hard sell) that I decided to just forget the whole thing. Then a nice lady on one of my Yahoo groups suggested a different less expensive brand that is easy to thread. I am old and use glasses and this 'regular' machine is just fine to thread. I think the newer ones are easier than the old ones...I had an older model that I just gave up on because the threading was so frustrating.

Just my opinion.


P.S. After I decided not to get the air thread machine I found a website/dealer that sells an air thread machine for $799.00 Same model that most places want at least $1150.00 for... The mark up is huge!!

I definitely like the idea of not being restricted with only serger thread. My old age affects
my sight & I get frustrated with the threading even tho I can do it fairly quickly. $799 does seem to be a good price. Thank you for your reply.
You can use other threads with the air-thread machines from Babylock. I don't remember exactly what because I haven't tried any yet. There are all kinds of projects on the Babylock website that use other threads. It really is a breeze to thread and it doesn't have to be in any order.

you can use any thread in the babylock ... it's trickier to use wooly nylon ... but it still works
The BabyLock jet air machines are fabulous!!!!
I had read that somewhere about the BabyLock jet air machines. Something has to be better
than the mechanical threading. Especially if I don't use it for a while, I forget exactly how it
goes, & boy, is that a can of worms, trying to figure out which thread goes where. Thank you
for your response.
I took my digital camera and put it on "close up" and took photos of my serger that was already threaded when I bought it. I use it alot, but seldom have to thread it from start. The knotting thing usually works so I just pull the thread through, but every now and then - WOOPS! I just turn on my computer and the pictures are crystal clear. A lot clearer than if you print them out. Just a suggestion.
I have Babylock Imagine Wave and I love it. The jet air threading is wonderful and sewing speed is easily controlled. I had the Imagine, but when I tried the Imagine Wave, this machine seems to be a bit heavier and didn't "bounce" all over my sewing table. The serger I had before the Babylock was very easy to thread but I still find this one faster...and I taught many customers over many years to thread their machines "from scratch". LOL


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