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I have a Janome 634D serger & wonder if it's worth the price to get one that is electronic.

They would be easier to thread I would think. What has been the experience of y'all
who have had both types?

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My machine also does bounce a little. The BabyLock's I have read about are very well liked.
Thank you for your answer. Y'all have given me lots to think about.
if you have a problem with "bouncy" machines (of any make or model) just put some of the gripper shelf-liner stuff (i got mine at the dollar store) ... definately keeps those machines from moving while you put the pedal to the metal!!
What a terrific idea. The best ideas,like this one, are those that make you think why didn't I think of that.
Thanks so much.
Well, I see that I left out what I thought was such a good idea. It's taking the picture of the
threaded serger. That's so logical with those digital cameras. Thanks again.
In what way is the woolly nylon trickier than using other threads with your serger? The Babylock really
seems to be a pleaser. When I can, I'm going to look into that.

the problem with wooly nylon is that there really isn't any body to it so you can't push it into the holes for the air jet threaders ... you just have to tie it to existing thread ... but most serger users do that most times they have to re-thread their machines. or, i just tie a piece of regular thread to the wooly nylon and then use the air jets ... either way.
Not having to thread the machine in any order sounds very much easier than the others. Thanks for the

Not having an air threader serger, I didn't know woolly nylon wouldn't go through the threaders that way.
Thanks for the information


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