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I have acquired an older Babylock serger - it is missing the telescope yarn guide and needle clamp, has a little rust for $40, my plan was to take it to a repair shop and see $$$$ to get it in working condition. Can't check the loopers are in sync till I find a needle clamp but motor sounds good. I find older machines are usually well made and sturdy. Any input in what is reasonable to get it repaired or should I just by a new cheaper brother? I hear Babylocks (especially some older models) are great.

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Go to this group and join it and they can should be able to help you. The group is called wefixit on yahoo. They repair old machines and usually can help with parts and manuals etc. I would ask them. Sharon
i LOVE my babylock, it couldn't hurt taking it to a shop and see how much it would cost to get it in working order ... you wouldn't regret it.


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