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I'm new to serging, in fact I don't have a serger yet. My BD is coming up and I told my hubby that I want a serger. My first thought is to get the cheapest possible. I do work full time and have 2 teenage sons, but I love to sew and this would certainly speed up my sewing.

What should I look for in buying my serger? I don't plan on spending over $1000, hopefully not even over $500, but I've never even looked at one or tried one out, so who knows what I'll like. If you have suggestions please let me know. My BD is the end of Sept.

By the way I do mostly my own clothing sewing, tried to do quilting and making bags, but I don't find that as enjoyable.

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Don't go the cheapest you can. Cheap with a serger is not advisable. Buy a good quality machine and you don't need to spend over 1,000 for one. I have a Husqvarna 910 which is a great machine I paid in Canada 1,200 in the states I am sure they are a lot cheaper probably half that or nearly half. Buy a name brand, like Babylock, Husqvarna, Elna.

Look for easy to thread, easy to clean, easy to understand, simple instructions, good warranty or guarantee. One free lesson with the machine.
BabyLock has jet air threading (automatic)...worth the extra money. If you can't easily thread your serger, you won't use it!
Hello. I was in a similar situation a couple weeks ago. I had been looking for a serger for about a year. AT one point I was so frustrated I just gave it up!! I was looking at a high end brand and couldn't get a dealer to quote me a price on the phone or online.....I finally got some quotes and they varied by several hundred dollars. I figured I was not going to do that. Then someone on one of my sewing groups suggested the White 2900, got it onlinne for $199.00, the price listed on most sites is $399.00. There is a White Serger Yahoo group. So far I am very happy with it. Someday I may get a more expensive machine, but for what I want this is perfect.

The threading is no big deal, just takes a little to get used to. I was looking at the air-threaded models, but then was told you can only use certain threads with them. Don't know if that is true or not...Also I did not want to spend $1200. for my first machine. marky

Good Luck in your search!! marky
Hi all! I understand how frustrating it can be looking for a machine and/or serger. My suggestion is buy the best you can afford! If you buy "cheap" you buy more than once for several reasons. Get something you can grow with and not grow out of just to find yourself looking again. I bought my very first serger, top of the line, over 20 yrs ago. It was a 2-3-5 thread that some suggested I stay away from since it was my first serger. Well, I didn't listen and was so glad I didn't. 20 yrs later I'm on my second serger which is the Babylock Evolve (8 thread) that once again some was suggesting I stay away from because of the 8 threads and the jet air! Well those same ones now have either the Babylock Evolve or Babylock Imagine, mainly because they bought cheap and/or was just tired of the threading. The jet air makes it "FUN" because you can use any type of thread and you can switch your stitches very easy! I've had mine for 3 yrs now and love it more and more. I hope this helps in your search!
I started out buying cheap, but it was new. Boy did I learn my lesson! I gave the darn thing away months later cuz I was sick of the problems and was close to investing the amount in fixing it that I spent on it when it was new! After I gave it away, I watched on ebay and got a Janome for a little over a hundred, new, still in unopened box. Not refurbished. I absolutely love mine. There are a couple of independent dealers who have pretty good prices too, around $199 up. I "looked" at a new Janome (the one that usually is around $179 at local fabric stores). Was told it is very easy to thread, and operate. I would definitely go with a good name brand. Janome, Juki, I hear White is ok too. Good luck in your search! P.S. Sew Vac Mart, Ken's Appliance are just 2 of the ones that I looked at when I was searching for my first.


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