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Is there a way to shorten the crotch on ready made pants with in seam side pockets.  The pockets make it impossible to lower the waist. Help!

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To shorten the crotch of a pair of pants, it is necessary to stitch a wider seam that run the inside of each leg to the crotch.  Increasing the seam that runs from the front to the back lengthens the crotch.

I am short waisted.  Petites are to short at the inseam.  What I do for myself and other is.  Measure how much you need to take out.  Run a new seam on the inside seam from the right leg all the way around to the bottom of the left leg. ( if you need to take aut 2 inches at the crotch measure one inch and graduate down to the botton of the pant leg.) Try them on see how it fits.  The only other step you will need to take is check the length of the inseam.  Sometimes this crates a longer leg and you will have to shorten them.

When I was tailoring for men, I would have to pinch the back of the crotch area to bring up the crotch to fit.  After I got the measurement I took the crotch area apart and measured the back seam to the amount I had pinched.  Then I would mark my new line and taper it down to the original seam line. I would then match the front to the new line on the back and sew them together, press them out and then match the two seams and sew the crotch.  If I had a very large measurement to take out from the back I would take 1/2-3/4 inch from the front.  I have always used this method and it is very successful.


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