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I loved this series, I think they were all very brave to be able to perform under those conditions, I certainly couldn't.  However, they did make me think I should try harder, especially with the alterations!  

I love the way they all came up with a different idea every time.  How great to be part of a group like that, with all that support and inspiration.  

Made me proud to be British, as it showed how it used to be before they stopped teaching good manners to our children.  Maybe there will be lots of local "Sewing Bees" now, a bit like SWN but without the air miles!

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My stepdaughter, Jojo, is the model for the 'Simple Dress', I think on page 208 - I don't have the book.  She's a redhead; the jumper is turquioise plaid with a berry colored top.  I was browsing a bookstore, saw the book, picked it up, and there she was!  It was a shock!  LOL



Hi Pam!

How exciting!!!  I hope you plan on buying the book! something to pass along when the grand children are old enough to appreciate having mom in a book! lol



Hi Karen

I too loved the series!  I am like you, I surely wouldn't be able to create under these conditions...even though I do my best sewing while under pressure!  lol  but that is pressure i put on me, myself!  I think I would totally draw blank if i was in this room with all the infront and behind the camera goings on! 

On my sewing site, Sewing Gifts On Time Sewing Bee, we have virtual sewing bees almost every weekend, sometimes we have a dedicated sewing bee project that we all (or most of us) create.  Between the dedicated bees we have BYOP and WIP sewing bees! These sewing bees get the members sewing and able to create gifts so they can be done on time! time for their gift giving! 

We have been doing it this way for 12 years!  Our saving grace was when blogging became popular, and I got a full time job meant I could have more sewing bees and I didn't have to create tutorials!   The internet has the worlds most awesome creators who love to share their amazing tutorials!  

Keep the Sewing Going!



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