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Just in time for some Lazy holiday sewing, the free Noriko Handbag pattern is Joan Hawley's gift to you!  Penny tried this pattern out and came up with this beautiful silver bag called the "Silver Noriko".  

If you try this pattern, please upload a photo and let us know what you thought!

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Oh, I gotta have one for myself. This is just what I've been looking for to make meeeee. Thanks
Post a photo when you are done!!! :D
Can you tell if each of the patter pieces was cut on the fold? Or do you think they enlarged the pattern piece to get the sizes shown?
I don't see anything on this pattern/instructions about enlarging the pattern? What gives? Thanks a bunch.
Very Chic. Plan to go through my stash and make this bag. Haven't made a bag in a while. Beautiful.
I am in love with that wild bold royal purple and blue and yellow fabric on the first purse! Can anyone tell me where to get it???? Thanks so much!!!
Beautiful , oh so lovely

I just joined this group and I so wanted to sew this bag but it is no longer available.  Does anyone have the pattern that they would like to share??? 


This is adorable and I'm really into Asian influences!!!  Thanks!

pattern attached below :)
THANK YOU!!!!!  Even though I've just joined, I can tell this is a site that I will be active on!!!!  I do appreciate you replying back to me so quickly!!!!  Craft On!!!!
heehee!   Enjoy!  :)  Post a photo when you're done!


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