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This little handbag is the one I will be making for the class I am doing at Mardins this Tuesday. We will be making the little handbag and a matching popover summer dress size 5 child size. I wanted to share the instructions here first and see how I did on writing the instructions for everyone in the class. They want me to teach several sewing classes their so I would love to get any feed back.
You can get the Instructions Below
Patchwork Handbag

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I love this,If I made every purse. oh my! I would be changing purses every day ... Thank you so much for sharing.
Nice color combo.  Looks great.
I think that the instruction manual you wrote is awesome! That's a gorgeous purse.. great job!
Thank you I can't wait to try it you did great on the instructions

Great looking bag.  The instructions look awesome.



Very cute! I also teach classes and I think you did a great job on the instructions.  I have never tried to do a tutorial, butI found yours easy to follow and complete.  Great work. YOU GO GIRL!!!
Thank You :-)
Your Instructions are great, very well done.  Thank you so much,I'm going to try and make one for next year.
This is really cute!


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