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Sewing Supply Swap General Info

SWN Swaps are so much fun!  Members of the Sewing Supply Swappers Group may opt in to administrator organized swaps to participate.


Swaps are organized and partners are assigned by SWN Admins.  We collect the civic/mailing addresses of participants who have opted in and assign them a swap partner who will receive the assigned sewing product such as notions, patterns, fabric pieces, etc.  Each swap will focus on a particular offering.  Swappers addresses and assignments will not be published publicly.


When deciding whether or not you'd like to participate in any given swap please consider a few things before saying "yes":

  • Do you have time?
  • Do you have a yard, notion, pattern, you can part with?
  • Is shipping a problem for you?
  • Choose a corresponding "goody" from your stash, that you are willing to part with whether we're swapping fabric, a notion, a pattern, etc.  Make sure it's in very good condition and can be used.
  • Check your inbox (once I have announced the swap has been organized) for the address of your swap recipient.
  • If you are swapping fabric, fold the fabric into a flat piece, or wrap it around a piece of light cardboard so that it retains it's shape within your envelope.
  • Wrap your item in a plastic grocery bag - in case the mailing depots, trucks, boxes, etc are damp.
  • Place your item into an envelope.
  • Insert a card or handwritten note into your envelope for your swap receipient just to say hello, and possibly providing them with the fiber content of your fabric piece if you are swapping fabric.
  • Address your envelope. 
  • Ship it without delay and by the assigned deadline! {Important!}
  • You must be a SWN member to participate.


Once you have received your package, please post in the corresponding swap discussion, indicating so, so that the sender knows you have received it.


Post a photo of whatever you make out of the item, once your sewing project has been completed.


INTERNATIONAL: Participants outside of the USA will be put on a separate list in order to try to match according to country and reduce international shipping costs.  If we are unable to match same-country swappers, we will keep your info until we are able to do so in another swap in the future.  


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