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After my girlfriend started dropping hints about wanting a new sewing machine for Christmas, I thought I should begin looking around at the various sewing machine reviews. What I found out was that there is a Japanese company with some of the best home and professional ones made today. The Juki TL-98QE offers many innovations that are save time, and make sewing faster and more functional.

Not only does the Juki TL98 stitch faster than 800spm, but it also manages to make even the most complicated stitch pattern seem simple, using computerized patterns. And I may not know a lot about sewing, but I could see right away how having a knee lift lever would save time. For a simple innovation, it sure does seem to be one that was meant to help get the job done. But the Juki TL-98QE Sewing Machine has a number of helpful design improvements like that. Many of them don't even seem to be offered by other companies, and I have no idea why not.

Juki TL-98QEApparently, different machines are built to better handle different types of sewing. The sewing reviews I looked through were pretty clear, though, that a Juki TL-98QE is designed to make quilting, 'fancy' stitching, and thick fabrics easier to do. I know that my girlfriend has been dreaming of making a quilt from these special fabric cuts, so I am really starting to think this is the machine for her.

A Juki TL98 even has an automatic needle threader, so there's no more fighting to get a needle threaded, and I remember seeing her get really frustrated over that more than once. For a portable machine, I had to admit that it had many of the features I heard her wishing her old machine has. There's even some feature called one-touch advance that allows extra slow stitching for tight corners and other designs.

If you have been getting the same hints I have, maybe this will save you from having hunt for sewing machine reviews, the way I did. And to be honest, these are not cheap machines, but quality sewing machines that will perform well for years. The price is a little high, but they seem to be worth every cent you spend. Juki TL-98QE Sewing Machines rate well with both amateur and professionals, and seems to be suitable for both home and semi-industrial applications.

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