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Hi Everyone, 

Amazon has a really good deal on the JUKI HZL-27Z Sewing Machine today.


According to the product page the sewing machine is retailed at $849 and today's price is $160. I am not sure this is a true claim... but if this is a good machine, the price seems to be reasonable.


So what do you all think? Is this a reliable brand? Does this look like a heavy duty machine capable of sewing through a few layers of denim? How does it compare to say, Janomes or the Berninas? Do you or anyone you know own this machine. Please post if you do know anything about this brand or the machine and think it is a good deal.


Thanks so much!


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I followed your link and the price is actually $229. I have heard from others that Yuki is a good, reliable machine,m and think that even $229 isn't a bad deal.

Hi Brigitte,


That machine sold out like a hot cake, quite literally. Take a look:


I now repent not having clicked the buy button in my cart on time. I wish someone had commented on the quality here earlier because I had nothing to go on.

Juki is a well-respected brand, but it looks like that model is not quite as obscenely good a deal as it looked.


They have it for 269, with suggested retail of 499. Still, 160 would be a good bargain. From the description of this machine on that site, though, it looks like it's not really a heavy-duty machine, though it claims to be able to handle denim...


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