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Brother sewing machines are a well known brand that is respected by many users all over the world. They have introduced a new model, the XL2600I. It is an electric powered machine which comes with a handy foot pedal control. It it primarily targeted at the sewer just starting up, but includes many advanced features as well. The machine also comes with a useful 25 year warranty. As with any type of equipment, there are some features that some users find useful while being disliked by others.

Being a sewing machine, it is important that it has a reliable and easy way of threading and includes one or two nice auxiliary features. The XL2600I has an easy threading mechanism and a dial for controlling the tension of the thread. It also includes a system which allows the user to quickly identify the current stitch setting which gives information about the type of stitch and the length. Some additional features include an automatic buttonhole maker and a thread cutter.

Besides the technical features, easy of use is a facet upon which many people place a lot of emphasis. In the case of the XL2600I, this principle has been addressed and it is possible for children between the ages of  six to 15 years to use the machine with adult supervision. This makes the sewing machine a great starter machine for training and teaching youngsters. Its ease of use is further backed by a well laid out and easy to understand user manual.

The operation and layout of this sewing machine makes it ideal for almost any kind of sewing project where fabric and thread is used. This includes its traditional use to aid in the fixing and repairing or creation of garments. In addition it is easy to create stuffed toys such as dolls, animals and any other stuffed items.

One of the features which has received some mixed comments is it's general appearance and manufacture. This Brother machine has a toy-like appearance and all of its moving parts are made from plastic. Because of this, many individuals do not deem it suitable to be used by expert sewers.

When one looks at this machine, one aspect that really stands out is that it is an excellent machine for teaching young children. This appeal is strengthened by the fact that it is cheap and carries a more than useful 25 year warranty.

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