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I'm looking for info on the Pfaff Tipmatic 1035 if anyone has used one or owns one.

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I have a Pffaf 1473 CD and have had it for over 20 years. Its always worked great until recently and now i have been having some tension issues. We don't have alot of sewing machine repair places around and last time i had it fixed it cost me over $150, so i think i will just get another machine, perhaps a Brother. I will miss my 1473 CD though and at some point may find someone who can fix it so i have a back up. Pfaff makes a good machine and over the 20+ years i have had it, i had very little trouble with it. although i have never seen or heard of the tipmatic, i would say if its a Pfaff...go for it.

Thank you tarie!  I still want one of these...

Hi Susan. I hope you found your 1035 Tipmatic. I have one and there is not enough money in the world to make me give it up. It's my take to class machine and handles everything I put it through.


I have two pfaffs and I love them both. Have owned other machines such as viking bernina,kenmore,brother, ect. and the only two that it would bother me to loose would be the pfaffs.


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