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A review of the Singer 7258 sewing machine shows it is one model that stands up to the competition. A great set of stitches, useful accessories, positive reviews, and easy controls make this a machine worth your time and attention.

It is an ideal choice whether you're looking for your first machine, a replacement for an older one or as a gift for a beginner.

Singer Stylist 7258 Built In Stitches

The Singer Stylist comes with 100 built in stitches including 6 styles of 1-step buttonholes so you know you're going to have lots of project options.

Besides the different buttonhole patterns, there's a mix of utility, decorative stitches, quilting stitches, and heirloom stitches. You can hem clothes, make clothes, create gorgeous quilts, make today's popular handbag projects, sew your own curtains - even start a sewing business.

On some machines, the buttonhole sides are sewn in opposite directions which can cause a a slight imbalance in the look of the sides, at least to those who sew high-end work. The Stylist 7258, however, sews "perfectly balanced" buttonholes with each side sewn in the same direction so that the sides are even. The corners are reinforced, too, making for really sturdy buttonholes.

Select stitches can be modified to a maximum width of 7mm and a max stitch length of 5mm. Another nice feature is that the zigzag stitch tapers off to the center at its finish creates a more polished end.

Singer 7258 Presser Feet

This sewing machine comes with 8 snap-on style presser feet. That's more than most machines in this price range. The value of any that come with your purchase should be taken into consideration when comparing sewing machines.

Included with the 7258 are the General Purpose foot, the Zipper foot, Satin Stitch, Buttonhole, Overcasting, Darning & Embroidery foot, Gathering foot, and the Rolled Hem foot.

Any machine which has the option to drop the feed dogs out of the way can be used to do free-motion quilting or embroidery lines but having the proper foot is required. The necessary foot - the darning and embroidery foot - is included so right away you'll be able to try doing some monogramming or embroidery free hand style.

Singer Stylist 7258 Features

This is a computerized sewing machine but with really simple controls so it's very easy to learn. The LCD screen is easy to read and provides basic stitch information. The controls include a Start/Stop button, a programmable Needle Up/Down button, a speed control slider, and a reverse button that also automatically ties off the ends of decorative stitches.

The programmable Needle Up/Down button is efficient and a favorite with anyone just learning to sew. You can program your machine to always leave the needle all the way up when you stop sewing or all the way down. You can also change this programming as needed and the button itself will move the needle to the up or down position with a single push of the button.

The bobbin is the top-loading, drop-in style with jam proof design and a see-through cover. You'll always know how much thread is left before starting a project.

Other handy features include an automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winding clutch, twin needle sewing, variable needle position, a strong feed dog system, and a heavy duty metal frame with a hard, plastic shell.

Overall, the Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine has proven to be reliable and offers a lot of options for a relatively low price.

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