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This might be something everyone already knows but it was new to me! Last night I was working on my Babka doll's face. I was drawing it on my paper pattern but, if you're anything like me, whenever I ever try to recreate a drawing, it never comes out as good.

Being too chicken to draw on my fabric free hand, I thought I might be stymied for the night. Then out of desperation, I put the paper face over my knit fabric and pressed really hard with a regular pencil over the entire face. It transferred the markings like you see in the pic below (they show up better in person). The markings are still there now, even a day later & after handling. I'm not sure how it would work with other fabrics but on knit it was a winner, especially whe it's all you have.

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Good idea, Birdie! I usually rub some chalk on the back of my paper and then run my pencil over the lines to transfer to the fabric. I'll keep your idea in my file and give it a try. :o)
I'm guessing you would need to wash it after??
Yes. I keep a microfiber cloth in my sewing room just for this. It gets rid of most of the chalk marks. If the plain microfiber doesn't work, I'll dampen it with a bit of water. That does the trick.
awesome trick! I must get some chalk : P


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