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I stared thinking tonight about the tips that I knew... all that kept running through my mind were the don'ts. These are just basic ones but I still have to remember them every time I sit down to sew. Are there any I forgot to add??

The "Don’ts "of Sewing

Don’t forget to bring the phone with you (as soon as you sit down to sew, it’ll ring)

Don’t cut with dull scissors (though it does burn extra calories, I’m sure)

Don’t attempt to thread your needle without glasses (no matter how far away they are)

Don’t forget to make sure you pinned your fabric together correctly before sewing (though I think it actually defies the laws of nature and flips around on its own sometimes)

Don’t forget to check your grains (this applies to diets as well)

Don’t sew late at night (bad things happen when you sew at night)

Don't throw away your scraps (as soon as you do, you'll need me)

Don’t forget to ask the good folks at Sew What's New for help when you get into a sticky situation(thanks Sew What’s New people!)

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Good tips, Birdie! I'll add:

Don't leave your rotary blade in the 'open' position. Your finger will surely find it. Ouch!
OOoohhhh yeah! Good one!!! And so easy to do....*laugh* That one should have been at the top!
I've had some hair raising moments with mine too. I've warned my children within an inch of their lives not to touch mine. "It'll slice your finger to the bone!", I say, yet for some reason it looks to them to be great fun.
Don't ASSUME! I just assumed my triangle ruler was 60 degrees. It looked like 60 degrees. It wasn't. I made four half-hex quilt blocks, too small, so they can't be cut down. I plan to piece them into the backing to remind me of this lesson. ;0)
*doh* really?? There oughtta be a law : )
Oh, and this one:

Don't pin something together in your lap. You'll end up attaching to yourself. LOL I have done this many times. Jeesh! I never learn! :o)
*snicker* yeah, that's always fun...oops!!!
I've done this before by pinning my pants to whatever! I also sew late at night. My husband is always mad at me for it. I however am more creative and into it then. Everyone is asleep, so I don't have to worry about anything but what I love.
How many times have I heard, ""Are you going to stay up all night sewing?" LOL I pay for it the next day, but creativity just seems to flow better in a sleeiping house, doesn't it? :o)
Yeah it's a great time because no one's around! I always make dumb mistakes though because I'm TIRED! : )
I agree, less demands on you and less interuptions makes a more pleasant work time. And much more creative things happen. I don't know about you, but I get my best ideas just before I fall asleep. Of course, I want to get up and work on them then. LOL :-)
Don't baste your quilt to the carpet. I've done this. Big quilt, only space big enough is carpeted -- of course I'll be careful and not catch the rug! Hah.
Oh my word!!! Oops!!! : P


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