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I stared thinking tonight about the tips that I knew... all that kept running through my mind were the don'ts. These are just basic ones but I still have to remember them every time I sit down to sew. Are there any I forgot to add??

The "Don’ts "of Sewing

Don’t forget to bring the phone with you (as soon as you sit down to sew, it’ll ring)

Don’t cut with dull scissors (though it does burn extra calories, I’m sure)

Don’t attempt to thread your needle without glasses (no matter how far away they are)

Don’t forget to make sure you pinned your fabric together correctly before sewing (though I think it actually defies the laws of nature and flips around on its own sometimes)

Don’t forget to check your grains (this applies to diets as well)

Don’t sew late at night (bad things happen when you sew at night)

Don't throw away your scraps (as soon as you do, you'll need me)

Don’t forget to ask the good folks at Sew What's New for help when you get into a sticky situation(thanks Sew What’s New people!)

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Really??? ewie eww! Glad it never happened to you...
years ago when I worked in the sewing industry, when someone had an accident with their finger under the needle, every one would call out "NOW YOU ARE A MACHINIST - YOU ARE NOT ONE UNTIL YOU CATCH YOUR FINGER UNDER THE NEEDLE"!! - glad to say I never became a machinist : )
I'm with you! I'd pass on that title too! LOL

Did that too, had to go to the hospital to get it removed, just barely missed the bone. It was scary because at first i couldn't get the needle out of the machine and thought I was going to have to drive myself to the ER attached to my sewing machine. Makes a great story now.

Don't pin pattern pieces to, the right side out of your fabric. I just did yesterday, & complained(#&%$@!) to myself the whole time I was unpinning. I was just about ready to cut a whole, carefully placed & pinned, pattern, from a piece of ($$$)fabric, that I'd been saving for just the "right pattern". I was all ready with my scissors and was going in for the right approach to start cutting, when I noticed(!) that I pinned all of the pieces to the right side up instead of wrong side up of the fabric, as the pattern instruc. called for.
*whew* thankfully you noticed in time. Great tip... I can't tell you how many times I'd done that one.
The rule I try to stick to (but don't always manage) is never to leave something in a muddle. If you go wrong, sort it out straight away, otherwise it is much harder to pick it up again!
You're soooo right. I can't tell you how many "ufo's" I have, because of this. My set it aside, get it later attitude, doesn't happen. "Procrastination is the thief of time!"
Learn to be selective in agreeing to sewing projects for friends. Also, don't let the list of promised projects get to be so long that you become a nervous wreck! (I'm a wreck right now!)
Oh no!! I agree. I offered to do curtains for my borther once and as soon as the words "I'll do them for you!" crossed my lips I almost felt sick. Thankfully he never brought it up again : P There is a freedom in saying no, right?
How about the don't forget to "measure twice, cut once" I've messed up many projects and had to go for more fabric because I've cut wrong!
A classic!


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