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Do you live where there is more humidity than you would like...summer or winter?   I save the little packets and cylinders that come in your new shoes or medicine bottles and spread them around...1.  In my jars of pins  2.  in an old nylon stocking in my ski boots or high boots --dangling them down to catch any foot moisture between wearing and 3. in the packages of my water soluble threads, backings, tapes.

Also, dry jeweler's polishing powder is terrific for keeping the surfaces of your scissors and other metal tools free of the atmospheric dust and miniscule grime that can build up.

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I never thought about dampness before but I certainly should have. Thanks Patricia!
The title of the photo is inaccurate: it is my ski boots & damp chasers
Attachment is ski boots with damp chasers: one in place & the other dangling to show length and about 6 cylinders hiding in the nylon stocking!


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