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I make weights to hold down fabric and patterns using sand.  Fill snack size zip lock bags with sand then place that bag into another snack size bag for security.  This allows you to cut down on (or eliminate)  pinning, keeping the pattern true to size.

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Arlene I do something similar - I use baby food empty bottles and fill with sand and use those as pattern weights.

Good idea Fernanda.  Guess many different containers would work.  The weight of the sand is what counts.  I used to work in custom framing and they used sand filled cloth weights similar to the shape of the snack zip locks to hold down the edges of art when measuring for mats and frames.  That's where I got the idea.

Very clever! I will have to try that...

I went to home depot and bought big washers. They work great and weren't expensive either. I have been meaning to paint them bright colors, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Friends and alterations customers always eye them and ask what I do with them since they don't expect to see washers in a sewing room!

Another good option.  I'll try them.

that is a real good tip though.


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